Marcus Sturrock
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards

Marcus Sturrock is a world touring multi-instrumentalist who’s primary instrument is guitar. As a solo acoustic guitarist and singer he has headlined at many music festivals worldwide and played electric and acoustic guitar in bands with many famous musicians.

 He is one of the founders of percussion on the guitar’s body. Marcus’s musical influences are reflected in his original eclectic compositions ranging from Folk, Funk, Celtic, World, Classical, Blues and Roots to Jazz etc.. The following quotes from renowned musicians and producers best describe Marcus’s playing.

“I was fortunate enough to catch a performance by Marcus Sturrock emotively weaving his musical influences from Folk, Funk, Jazz, Middle Eastern, Classical, Celtic, to Flamenco & more with technical ease and diverse percussive beats on the Guitars body while simultaneously playing melody, harmony & scatting; Marcus is a standout innovative composer”. - Robin Lumley - Audio Engineer/Producer (gold & platinum status) and/or keyboardist for David Bowie, Genesis, Brand X, Phil Collins, Moody Blues, Pete Townsend, Stéphane Grappelli, Bill Bruford, Eric Burdon, Procol Harum, Gary Moore & the London Symphony Orchestra.

"Marcus has forged a truly unique sound from the acoustic guitar, melody, harmony & in your face Rhythm on one instrument, astounding” 

- Tony McManus

“Marcus is not merely an adept guitarist; he has the happy ability to play music rather than just notes and to infect the audience with his own joy.” - Doug Spencer - Producer/Presenter ‘The Planet’ ABC Radio National